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Just submitted an article for public reference and use called, ” Facts You Need to Know Before You Are Admitted to a Mental Health Unit” that describes in detail what to expect if you are going to be in a psychiatric unit.  People don’t always realize that being a patient in a psychiatric unit is very different from being a patient on a medical floor.

I frequently find myself  explaining the differences on a daily basis, so I felt an article was appropriate.  I tried to make the information universal, as each state has a variant of the basic Mental Health Laws.  I have worked in several states, so do understand that there might be differences.  Basically, the article gives useful, generic information that you need to know prior to being admitted to a psychiatric facility or psychiatric unit in a medical hospital.

My article explains the similarities as well as the differences.  It also explains the types of admissions that come to a unit and what each type entails.  Also discussed are the criteria for discharge because this is very different from being discharged from a medical floor.

Hope you read it.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think.  Feel free to use the article if you think it will help.


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