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Kings County Hospital psychiatric ward is marred after nursing assistant is beaten unconcious

As a psychiatric nurse, I know that dealing with aggressive individuals is part of the job, but I have to draw the line at being beaten and injured at work.  This article describes an incident at one specific hospital, but the truth is that this type of thing happens regularly at all psychiatric facilities.  It just isn’t usually newsworthy or broadcast to the public.

I have worked at a facility where a staff was killed; I have worked at various facilities where staff have been sent to the hospital with serious injuries; I have been injured by patients in the past.  This is not right and should not be acceptable to anyone.

Please read the attached excerpt and click the link at the end to visit the site to read the entire article. 

Kings County Hospital psychiatric ward is marred after nursing assistant is beaten unconcious

BY Ben Chapman, Wil Cruz and Elizabeth Hays DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS
Wednesday, September 2nd 2009, 4:00 AM

The scandal-tarred Kings County Hospital psychiatric ward is under the microscope again after a nursing assistant was beaten unconscious Tuesday by an out-of-control patient.The brutal attack on Sandra Douglas – which left her in intensive care – came just days after the the same patient, Robert Rush, 24, attacked two other staff members and a patient, said outraged staffers and family members.

“They need more security there. Employees shouldn’t be risking their lives just going to work,” said Douglas’ son, 22-year-old Demar Simms, who kept vigil at her bedside and wept as she lay unresponsive. “This is what he did to her!”

Staffers said Rush, who weighs more than 300 pounds, walked into a room where Douglas, 49, was attending to another patient about 5:30 a.m. and clocked her in the head. When she fell, he repeatedly kicked and hit her, witnesses said.”He was just beating on her, banging her head on the floor,” said Simms, who was briefed on the attack by hospital officials and other staffers. “It took four people to get him off her.

“When help arrived, Douglas staggered to the hall, where she collapsed, he said. “She was unconscious,” said a co-worker who witnessed the attack and said the hospital issued a distress code that summoned emergency workers to revive her. Doctors said it could take weeks for Douglas to recover from the head trauma.

Rush was arrested shortly after the attack and charged with assaulting three people in connection with Tuesday’s incident, according to the NYPD.Staffers said Rush assaulted a nurse and administrator Sunday after they tried to stop him from beating another patient.

 Hospital officials confirmed Rush attacked two staffers and a patient that day but was not charged.”We can’t wait until people die here. He hurt two people already on Sunday,” said Douglas’ sister, Audrey, 52.

Kings County Hospital psychiatric ward is marred after nursing assistant is beaten unconcious

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