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Primary-care docs should do depression screens, group says

Okay, this article just underscores what I have said all my career.  Medical patients really are just psych patients with bodies.  I believe that all patients could benefit from mental health screenings. 

Research has proven that depression is a comorbid illness with many physical states.  However, the depression is rarely acknowledged let alone treated.  Other research shows that untreated depression lengthens the time it takes to heal.  Hmmmmm.  I wonder if that might mean anything?

Please read the following article and click through on the links.  With the healthcare crisis in the news daily, it pays to be well informed of the problems.

By anne
Created Oct 8 2009

A physicians’ group has released guidelines recommending that primary-care doctors routinely screen adults for depression. The group, the American College of Preventive Medicine, notes that depressive disorders are associated with substantial morbidity and disability–and that the primary-care encounter is often the earliest and best opportunity to identify the disorder.

This conclusion squares with recent finding that depression is strikingly more common [1] in the U.S. population than once previously thought, affecting 41 percent of people, ages 18 to 32.

Conducting depression screens can be as easy as having patients fill out well-known, reliable depression screening instruments while in the PCP waiting room, such as the Beck Depression Inventory and the Patient Health Questionnaire, which typically take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete, the group notes.

The ACPM would also like to see all PCPs make sure that depressed adults receive timely and appropriate treatment, whether through their own practices, or through an established mental health referral system.

To learn more about the guidelines:- read this ACPM position statement [2]

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Primary-care docs should do depression screens, group says

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