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Daily Dose: Speaking Out About Mental Health

Here’s an article that addresses the problems of the families of mentally ill people.  Many of us live our lives quietly dealing with a relative or loved one who suffers and struggles daily.  This article shows that finally the world is starting to take note and there are successful people willing to open up and talk about mental health issues in their lives.

Glen Close was the most recent example I can think of when she openly and candidly spoke of the plight of her bipolar sister and the effect the illness has had, not only on her sister, but on the entire family.

It’s really great to see a publication as well read and Women’s Day addressing mental health issues and the family.  I applaud them for their willingness to address such a subject.

Please read the article and listen to the interview.  Read all the pertinent articles and let me know how you feel about this recent change in the media.  Is it for the good or is it bad?


BBheadshotforblog Caring for a sick family member is never easy, but when the disease at hand is a mental illness, coping can be especially difficult. That’s because many people are still embarrassed or afraid to discuss mental health with friends and even doctors. As a result the stigma isn’t just painful; it can delay proper diagnosis and treatment, making it hard on both the patient and their close family members who want to help but don’t know how.

Fortunately, a number of well-known people are speaking up and spreading the word about these issues in an effort to get you talking about them, too. Recently, actress Debi Mazar (of Entourage and Dancing With the Stars fame), COLOR Mazar, Debi.hi res has joined this group, by partnering with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca’s campaing, Speak and Be Heard… Living With Bipolar Depression. A close relative of Debi’s suffered for years before getting the right diagnosis for bipolar disorder. Today, thankfully, he’s being treated and doing really well—but she doesn’t want anyone else to struggle the way her family did. You can learn more about this campaign at

Or listen to my interview with Debi by clicking here.

—Barbara Brody, Health Editor

To read more articles about current issues, click here

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