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Vt. could cut $20m in mental health services

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Here is another article that shows the ever deepening chasm that our mental health consumers  find themselves falling into.  This is really a problem.  It is a problem for the mentally ill, but it is a problem for our communities, our families, our schools, our public areas, our police departments, our local hospitals and for each and every one of us.

There are articles in every paper across the nation that address the impulsive violence  that can occur when you mix an untreated mental patient with the general population.  When something dire occurs, as it will, then the media wants to know why nothing was done to protect us.  But we are losing so much ground daily that we will never be able to help all of the consumers out there who need help.  My question is, why is mental health the first place that legislators want to cut?


By The Associated Press

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Vt. could cut $20m in mental health services

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The state of Vermont could cut nearly $20 million in mental health services next year.

Some say the cuts could mean up to 3,000 people across the state would lose mental health services.

The Rutland Herald says the cuts were outlined to lawmakers and mental health advocates last week.

The cuts being considered include $10.5 million from the Community Rehabilitation and Treatment program and $2.7 million from adult outpatient care, ending state funding for that program.

State officials say the proposal is due to an unexpected drop in Medicare funding.

Ken Libertoff of the Vermont Association of Mental Health says the cuts would “effectively end Vermont’s four-decade era of commitment to community mental health.”


Information from: Rutland Herald,

© 2009, Telegraph Publishing Company, Nashua, New Hampshire

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