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150 dogs found dead in freezers in home

Okay, at first I just thought this was an article about puppy mill breeders, but then I read the article and found that this really is an article about a hoarder.  I was glad to read that the dogs in the house were not in ill health, but what about the freezer?  The article doesn’t go into detail about the mental state of this man, but it is evident that he needs some help.  Why would his parents just leave him and move away if he was sick?   Frequently, with mentally ill patients, I see the families have been dealing with the problem so long and they simply burn-out.  How long can you try to help someone who doesn’t think that help is needed and doesn’t want your help?

Let me know what you think about this article.  Is this a hoarder or just another puppy mill?



The Associated Press

DEARBORN, Mich. — Police on Friday found about 150 dead dogs packed in freezers in the basement of a Michigan house littered with feces and trash where more than 110 live dogs, mostly Chihuahuas, were rescued this week.

Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said the 56-year-old man found Wednesday in the suburban Detroit home with the animals may have been living with an increasing number of dogs for up to three or four years.

“The house was in complete disarray, very cluttered and, with 100-plus dogs running around in there, very filthy,” he said.

A criminal investigation was under way at the two-story brick home, Haddad said. He said the case could be forwarded to prosecutors for possible animal-cruelty charges.

Haddad said 112 live dogs had been removed from the home as of Friday, and police think about five more may be hiding inside. He declined to release details about the breed of the dead dogs.

The man living in the house was taken to a hospital for observation. He had no health insurance and a mental impairment that stemmed from rubella as a child, and had lived for years alone in the home after his parents retired to Florida, said lawyer James Schmier, who was acting as a family spokesman.

“I think this is a very human story of a guy who had some very severe mental issues,” Schmier said.

Neighbors in the past had complained of an odor at the Dearborn home, which had a neatly cut lawn and manicured bushes. But this week was the first time officials got inside, and crews needed masks to breathe.

The rescued dogs were taken to the Dearborn Animal Shelter, where residents brought dog-food donations and filled out pet-adoption applications.

Sandra Boulton, a spokeswoman for the shelter, said the dogs were either Chihuahuas or Chihuahua mixes, and while most had long nails and fleas, they were relatively healthy.

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