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Murder case resumes against Nichols Hills physician Courts: psychologist says that father may wail during trial in 9-year-old’s death

Here’s a follow-up to the previous post I made about the death of this man’s son.  I was glad to see that he was found competent to stand trial, but I do believe he is ill and needs to stay on his current medications so he can help with his defense.



Published: January 20, 2010

The Nichols Hills doctor accused of fatally stabbing his son looked gaunt and struggled with his emotions in court before a mental competency hearing Tuesday in his murder case.

Dr. Stephen Wolf waits for the start of his competency hearing in Oklahoma City, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010. Wolf is charged with first-degree murder in the Nov. 16 stabbing of his son Tommy inside the family’s home in suburban Oklahoma City. AP Photo


Stephen Wolf ruled competent to stand trial thumbnail

Stephen Wolf ruled competent to stand trial

Jan 19The Nichols Hills doctor was ruled competent to stand trial in the…


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Dr. Stephen Paul Wolf stayed composed, though, when the 5-minute hearing began. He answered the judge’s questions in a soft voice. He said he was willing and able to work with his attorney.

Oklahoma County District Judge Don Deason ordered criminal proceedings against the doctor to resume. The judge acted because a state psychologist reported Jan. 7 the doctor is mentally competent. Wolf’s attorney did not contest the findings.

The murder case had been on hold since Dec. 18 so the doctor could be evaluated.

Wolf, 51, was arrested Nov. 16 after a police officer found him straddling his stabbed son in the kitchen of their home, according to a police affidavit. He repeatedly told the police officer, “He’s got the devil in him and you know it,” according to the affidavit.

Wolf’s son, Tommy, 9, died from multiple stab wounds. His wife, Mary Wolf, suffered cuts to her hands and face when she intervened. Stephen Wolf is charged with first-degree murder in his son’s death and assault and battery with a deadly weapon in his wife’s injuries.

Psychologist Shawn Roberson examined Wolf in the jail for two hours Jan. 6 because of concerns about his mental competency to face prosecution.

“Mr. Wolf can appreciate the nature of the charges against him and consult with his attorney to rationally assist in his defense,” the psychologist wrote in the report.

“Based upon his ongoing depression and history of psychotic symptoms in recent months, it is very important that he continues to receive treatment if his competency for adjudication is to remain intact.”

The psychologist noted Wolf talked of having hallucinations since his arrest involving his dead son and about a “little devil.” The psychologist wrote, “Currently, he is receiving psychotropic medication and he no longer evidences psychotic symptoms.”

The psychologist warned Wolf may wail at times in court because of his depression over his son’s death.

During the hearing Tuesday, the judge questioned Wolf about medications he is taking in jail for his mental condition and for low blood pressure.

Wolf identified the medications.

He told the judge if he rises quickly, he is weak from his blood pressure problems.

“Just in this brief conversation, it appears to me that Dr. Wolf is competent,” the judge said.

Trial date could be set

Wolf is expected to use an insanity defense. Next up in his case is a conference Monday. At the conference a preliminary hearing judge could set a date to hear evidence in the case. At a preliminary hearing, the judge decides whether the evidence is sufficient for a trial.

Wolf on Tuesday looked noticeably thinner than when he was last in court Dec. 18. He told the psychologist he has lost 20 pounds since his arrest.

Wolf has suffered from mental problems since 1984 when he was first hospitalized for treatment, records show.

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