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Bus killer Li should be allowed outside: This story contains disturbing details Read more:

This story was disturbing enough at the time it happened, but now to see that this man may get to have some freedom of movement and go outside makes me very uncomfortable.  I know that he is being treated and that means he is taking medication for his illness; but there are many risks involved with allowing such a patient to have supervised outdoor time on the grounds.  

Numerous reports have sprung up in the news of patients who were outdoors and supervised, yet they managed to escape and had to be recaptured.  This man is, quite frankly, a danger to others.  If he eludes his supervision, he will no longer be medicated and will again pose a serious risk to an unprotected stranger.

I have very mixed feelings regarding this issue, but I know that we, as a society, must protect the innocent bystander.  This man may be the nicest person alive when taking his medication, but who is to say that he will continue to do so if it is not mandated by the courts?  My heart goes out to him for the situation he now finds himself in; but my heart is also saddened by the loss suffered by the family of his victim.

What are your thoughts on this matter?  Care to share?

Here’s a link to the original story, if you happened to miss it: click here


Doctors treating the man who stabbed and beheaded a passenger aboard a Greyhound bus are asking that he be allowed short periods of supervised outdoor time on the grounds of the Manitoba mental-health facility where he’s being held.

Vince Li, 41, returned to a Winnipeg courtroom on Monday for a mandatory annual review of his detention at a mental-health facility in Selkirk, north of Winnipeg.

The Criminal Code Review Board conducts the annual review of his detention and care.

At the hearing, Li’s doctors asked the board to consider allowing Li 15-minute escorted walks on the grounds of the Selkirk Mental Health Centre. He’s currently being held in a secure part of the facility. The Crown and victim Tim McLean’s family are opposed to the move.

In early 2009, Li was found not criminally responsible for killing McLean, 22, aboard a Greyhound bus bound for Winnipeg in July 2008.

Li had pleaded not guilty to a charge of second-degree murder. Psychiatric evidence at his trial suggested he is schizophrenic and suffered a major psychotic episode when he fatally stabbed McLean, ate some of the body parts, and cut off McLean’s head.

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