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McKinley warning signs missed

This is a really good article from Fox on a very unfortunate event.  The loss of a young man to suicide is always difficult and we are all diminished by this loss.  Dealing with suicidal thoughts is difficult, but it is something we all need to learn how to do.  Everyone, at some time in their lives, has a suicidal thought.  Life is hard and things pile up on you and before you know it, your mind thinks dark thoughts.

This article has some interesting facts about suicide, but the best information is in the section about how to deal with a suicidal friend.  I hope you click over to the source and read that.

I am very sorry for this young man’s family and friends.  Injury to an athlete can trigger depression and fatal thinking.  I’m sorry that he felt suicide was his only option.

Please read the article below and let me know your thoughts, won’t you?


DENVER – Mental health professionals say there are many important lessons to be learned from the suicide of Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley.

Kenny Mckinley

According to police reports, McKinley told friends he was so upset over his football injury that he might kill himself.

Friends and loved ones in that situation need to ask the tough questions according to Jeanne Rohner of Mental Health America.

“Many people would be afraid to ask the question, are you thinking of harming themselves, but it is perfectly acceptable to ask those questions,” Rohner says.

If the answer is yes, never leave that person alone Rohner says. “Staying with the person may be saving their life.”

And in this kind of crisis, it’s essential to call for help. One option in Denver is Metro Crisis Services, and 24 hour a day crisis hotline.

“Sometimes, that alone can save a life,” says CEO Daniel Ward.

Ward says another crucial lesson is that people in crisis should never have access to weapons.

“Sometimes people get impulsive, and if a weapon is handy when they get impulsive, feeling very depressed, very sad about their situations,” Ward says.

The sad truth is that there were more deaths from suicide in Colorado last year than from traffic accidents. And over half of completed suicides are by firearms.

Parents are encouraged to talk directly to their children if asked about McKinley’s death. […read the rest…]

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  1. The greater problem be there no spiritual education
    thus people’s be faced with only the material realm
    hence understandable through injury/poor health etc
    loss of ones ability /comlpete in the material realm
    bringing one desperate depressive suicidal thoughts.

    Thus spiritual education has ever more growing need.

    The base of spiritual education one turn the senses
    inwards / where one experience the essence of one’s
    own being / thus fulfill purpose of ones human form.

    Comment by william wallace | September 22, 2010 | Reply

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