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England cricket ace’s positive spin on mental health

Here is an article from the Sun out of the UK.  I like this article because it does put a different spin on being a person who is suffering from a mental health affliction.  It’s really good to see so many famous faces and see their comments posted on a public forum.  People need to know that depression can be dealt with in a postive way.  People need to see that others are fighting the fight, just like they are.

So here is the article.  Please read it and let me know what you think.  I applaud all of the people mentioned here and wish that others in the limelight would make a positive statement about mental health issues.  Not everyone with a mental health diagnosis  fits the collective picture.


MICHAEL YARDY is the latest star to come out of the shadows and talk about his depression.

The England cricketer flew home from the World Cup after keeping his illness a secret from most of his team-mates.

Being open about this condition, Yardy, 30, has offered support to millions of people who may be suffering in silence.

In the UK, one in four of us will be affected at some point during our lifetime – but we’re not alone. Celebrities including George Michael, Uma Thurman, Dame Kelly Holmes and Dancing On Ice star Denise Welch have all spoken out about their mental illness.

Mark Davies, from the mental health charity Rethink, said: “In being honest and open about their problems celebrities show great courage and also give heart to millions of people who suffer in silence because of the fear of stigma and discrimination.

“Now it’s Michael Yardy. But many others in the public eye – such as Stephen Fry and Alastair Campbell – have done the same thing.

“What they show is that mental illness is like any other illness. It can affect anyone regardless of who they are or what they do. Attitudes ARE changing as a result of their bravery.”

Mark added that it is wrong to think of the condition as not being able to handle pressure.

Here is what celebs have said about suffering depression…


'A curse' ... George Michael

‘A curse’ … George Michael

George Michael: “Twelve years of depression and fear and lots of other bad stuff. It was as if I had a curse on me. I couldn’t believe how much God was piling on at once.”

Uma Thurman: “My professional life was soaring but my private life was in ruins. I fell into acting and a life that didn’t give me the feeling I was doing anything substantial or meaningful.”

Robbie Williams: “It’s like the worst flu all day and you can’t kick it.”

Dame Kelly Holmes: “I became depressed and I cut myself with scissors. You feel you can’t get out of a cycle of crying, feeling like the world’s ended and that there’s nothing positive to strive for.”


'Life in ruins' ... Uma Thurman

‘Life in ruins’ … Uma Thurman

Gwyneth Paltrow: “I thought postpartum (postnatal) depression meant you were sobbing every day and incapable of looking after a child. I felt like a failure.”

Mel C: “There is always a fear the depression could return but I do all the right things. I try to get the right amount of sleep and I need to eat properly and exercise.”

Denise Welch: “I lost all sense of reality. I basically had a nervous breakdown. You think there is no point to life because you are no good to yourself or anyone else and that the world would be a better place without you.”


'Hopeless' ... Stephen Fry

‘Hopeless’ … Stephen Fry

Winona Ryder: “You have good and bad days and depression’s something that is always with you. I had no reason to be depressed. Everything was at its peak but inside I was lost.”

Jack Dee: “Depression is something that has always figured in my life but now I’m dealing with it.”

Paul Gascoigne: “Everywhere I looked life seemed to be full of problems and they were just going to go on and on. It was never going to get any better.”


'It's horrible' ... Gail Porter

‘It’s horrible’ … Gail Porter

Frank Bruno: “It’s like a kettle. If it’s a kettle, you turn the kettle off, you know what I mean? I wish I could put a hole in my head and let the steam come out. The steam was getting so high and the pressure was getting too much for me.”

Keisha Buchanan: “Sometimes I’d find myself bursting into tears for no reason.”

Gail Porter: “It’s horrible, horrible, horrible. It took a year and a half until I found out that I had postnatal depression.”

Stephen Fry: “I may have looked happy. Inside I was hopelessly depressed.”

Alastair Campbell: “It was the scariest time in my life but it made me stronger, more focused on the things that really mattered.”


To find out more about an anti-discrimination campaign run by mental health charities Rethink and Mind, visit the Time to Change Facebook page.

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