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Mental Illness on the increase?

Below you will find links to several articles stating that mental illness is on the rise.  Please feel free to read them all and leave the original site comments.  Feel free to leave me comments about any of these articles as well.

I have been writing this blog for well over a year and I have found that there are more and more people being affected by mental health issues due to the economy, the war, joblessness, poverty, age, relationship problems.

Our society as a whole is being ravaged by untreated mentally unstable individuals who no longer feel societal pressure to get treatment or control their impulses.  Shootings, home invasions, road rage incidents–all show that the fabric of our society is fraying.  Are all of the people who participate in such events mentally ill?  Probably not, not in a legal way, but they are showing a lack of concern or care for others and they no longer feel constrained by society as a whole or community at a minimum to not act on their violent impulses.

Please visit these sites and read these articles.  They are very informative and give you an idea of what we are up against.

Almost Half of all Americans Will Experience a Mental Health Problem

San Francisco Chronicle (blog) – ‎Sep 6, 2011‎

CDC: Half of Americans will suffer from mental health woes

USA Today – Steven Reinberg – ‎Sep 5, 2011‎

Are you among half of all Americans headed to a mental illness diagnosis? – Sept. 7, 2011

Mental Illnesses Develop In Half Of U.S. Adults

ThirdAge – Jasmine Williams – ‎Sept. 7, 2011

Southerners More Likely to Suffer From Mental Illness: REPORT

International Business Times – ‎Sep 5, 2011‎

US Needs to Better Support the Millions of Americans with Mental Illness

eMaxHealth – Denise Reynolds – ‎Sep 5, 2011‎

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